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Texas Discovery Gardens
The botanical gardens in Dallas offer over 7 acres of native and exotic plants. The gardens include a butterfly habitat, an heirloom garden, a native wildlife pond and even a scent garden. Kids will love to explore the gardens and will have the opportunity to learn about nature and wildlife in the process.

The butterfly garden is a beautiful area where you can watch new butterfly’s being released into the garden each day. Once in the butterfly gardens you can learn about how to create a garden that will attract and sustain the lives of the native butterfly species.
The heirloom garden is full of both roses and perennials. This small enclosed garden is a delight for the eyes and the nose. There is a small but serene pond in the Presidents garden which was renovated in 2013 and is meant to honor the founding ladies who spent so much time growing the gardens. The pond is home to gambusia and the red-eared slider turtle. There is plenty of space to sit in the shade and enjoy the pond and native plants that surround it.

The scent garden was first built in 1958 and was meant for the enjoyment of those who are visually impaired. The space was designed to resemble a London herb garden and was most recently renovated in 2003. Even though this garden is designed with your nose in mind it is always a beauty to look at.

The Dallas botanical garden offers events throughout the year. There are also ongoing educational programs for kids and adults. If you’re a DFW resident you don’t want to miss out on seeing the Texas Discovery Gardens!

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