Great Neighborhoods of Dallas

Great Neighborhoods of Dallas

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With the recent boom in the Dallas housing market there are a lot of people looking for their dream home in DFW. One of the first things you must decide is what kind of neighborhood you are looking for. Families with young children often consider the proximity to schools and parks with younger people look for walkability and proximity to restaurants and nightlife. Whatever it is that you are interested in, there is a neighborhood in Dallas that has it.

Uptown is a neighborhood often chosen by young professionals. The walkability of this neighborhood attracts a diverse group. Most of the residential areas are only a few minutes from the many cafes, bars and shopping centers of Uptown. There is also a mixed use development which features plenty of shopping and dining of its own. The neighborhood also features great parks and plenty of recreations opportunities for its many young residents.

M Streets
This town is officially known as Greenland Hills Conservations District. This area tends to draw more families. It is close to both downtown and White Rock Lake. The homes in this district are mostly older and Tudor style. This neighborhood can be a little more expensive but with its close proximity to downtown as well as all of the restaurants, shopping and nightlife right in the neighborhood it is worth the extra money.

This popular neighborhood is great for anyone. It has all of the major amenities and is only 20 minutes from Downtown Dallas. This affordable neighborhood attracts families for the great school system and the many major employers who are located there. The neighborhood also hosts many celebrations and festivals throughout the year and can have that great small town feel while still maintaining the allure of the big city.

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