Fewer Foreclosures in Dallas/Fort Worth

Posted by Paula Messimer // July 2, 2014

In the past few years there have been many indications that the northern Texas housing market is making a come-back. The limited supply of houses on the market have been selling at a rapid pace and well below their actual value. Not only is the housing market doing well but the economy overall is surging. […]

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6 Ways To Use This Summer To Get Ahead In Real Estate

Posted by Jack Clark // June 11, 2014

We’re on the doorstep of another exciting sun kissed summer. In addition to the weather heating up, real estate professionals across the U.S. are putting in overtime and prepping for the peak home buying season. For those seeking to enjoy the best of the season for themselves and use the time to catapult their real […]

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Real Estate Investors: How To Recover From Setbacks

Posted by Jack Clark // June 4, 2014

Business setbacks happen to the best investors in the real estate business. Just like anyone who has ever twisted an ankle running, or pulled a muscle in the gym knows; it’s what you do next that makes all the difference in getting back to it. Real estate investors, agents and CEOs that have found themselves […]

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